Vision home concert will be on Aug 9 (Sat) at 7:30 p.m. at FEC-Glendale.
Come and join us to celebrate and praise God for what He has done on our tour this year.

FEC-Glendale: 522 W. Broadway, Glendale, CA 91204

June 21 - July 6

Seattle and Vancouver

This trip will include several church concerts, ministering to children, senior adults, the homeless, and visits three prisons in Canada and one prison in Seattle.

Pastor Tom Cheng, from FEC Glendale will be the speaker on tour.

Prayer request:
Please pray for health, safety, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's leading, and have good sharing in the various prisons.

Join us to be a member of Vision choir team...

Vision is open to any interested singers from High School age and older. Auditions are held in September through the Missions conference weekend in October and rehearsals are held every Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon until tour. A minimum of a one year commitment is needed (typical is three years) to join Vision. Please contact Marshall Huang for more details.


Reports from the team...

Saturday, June 21
We left Los Angeles with 20 of us from Burbank and 6 from LAX since we could not all get tickets to leave from Burbank. We did not encounter any problems this time and the flight went smoothly. The team from LAX arrived 8 minutes after us and we met each other at the luggage claim counter with no problems. It took a while to rent the 4 vans and even though we had a good rate, Alamo wanted $20 extra per day for those below age 26 to drive so we ended up only with the main drivers and Josh Yeh.

We drove up to Andrew and Eunice Wang's (Lucy Chen's brother) in Northern Seattle for lunch. Then we headed off to Canada. It took a whole hour for us to cross the Canadian border, but we had no problems, just traffic.

After meeting at Jack Young's house our "headquarters" (Jack and Lisa, daughters Stephanie and Rebecca, and Henry Siu, a Regent student who planned our Canadian trip and would accompany us for most of our events), we headed off to FEC, the Fujian Evangelical Church. Vision sang there 9 years ago, and we returned thanks to FEC Glendale members who have many friends in this church. Since Pastor Tom still had a cold, John Ngai spoke challenging us from the feeding of the five thousand. A couple of people raised their hands for deeper commitment after he spoke. We met many old friends after the concert, a couple of older ladies who know Marshall's mother and siblings from the Philippines, a childhood friend of Nehemiah's from the Philippines, Slim's "uncle", and others.

Sunday morning, we all went to Joy Fellowship, a service for handicapped people. The place was quite filled and we could see the love of God evident in their lives. Many of the Vision kids were humbled by their lives, sincerity of worship and great joy despite their limitations. We were invited to sing at 2 PM this afternoon at the habilitation center, an added concert, so this note is to summarize what has happened so far as we are now preparing to leave for this extra concert. God is opening doors for us as we are here. Praise Him!

Sunday afternoon and evening, June 22 After eating lunch at the Young’s (they had prepared dinner for us for Saturday night not knowing the Fujian church had invited us for dinner so we saved it for lunch Sunday), we went to the rehabilitation center in Vancouver, the additional concert we talked about at the first message. This Center is a huge complex of buildings covering over an acre in which those who are handicapped, or those who suffered injuries in accidents are sent to recover and rehab. We were invited to participate in their Sunday afternoon service led by one of the people we met that morning at Joy Fellowship. There were about twenty people worshipping there, all in wheelchairs but we could see they really enjoyed our thirty minute program. They were most impressed by how many young men were in Vision (given their impression that it was mostly women who went to church apparently).

We then drove to VCBC (Vancouver Chinese Baptist Church) our host church. We spent about two hours catching up on our group devotions, where we are reading Rick Warren’s book, “The Purpose Driven Life”, taking two chapters a day and starting a week before tour started. This book has really challenged us to put God first, understand our worship is a matter of pleasing God and not ourselves (so far in the book). We then practiced our skits and warmed up with trying to learn the Bach Alleluia. Then we were joined by about 15 members of the VCBC English choir, the choir they started four years ago after Vision sang at their church. We had asked them to learn the Handel “Hallelujah, Amen!” and the Beethoven “Hallelujah from the Mount of Olives”. Their choir has about 7 sopranos and 5 altos and only 3 tenors and 2 basses, just the compliment of Vision this year, so together we had about 8 to 12 members per section. After Vision sang a full program, and Pastor Tom Cheng delivered his stirring message based on Matthew 6 on storing possessions in heaven and not on earth, about 15 to 20 people responded with a desire to live a life more focused on eternal values. Then we concluded with our joint choir singing the two magnificent classical Hallelujahs. It was a wonderful sounding and spiritually moving experience, to get such a full sound from the singers. Praise God for the great concert and good response.

Monday, June 23
We met a the Young’s at ten in the morning to worship and do our group devotion. Only Nehemiah, who had a sore throat when he left LA is somewhat sick. Everyone seems well rested after the long day yesterday. This afternoon, we will be heading to a homeless ministry in Richmond and assist in feeding them in the early evening. Tomorrow is our first prison visit, please pray for that.

Monday afternoon
We went to Lifeline, a ministry of counseling and caring which we also served with 4 years ago. Since then, someone donated a plot of land to them at the north end of Richmond with two houses on it. We arrived there to help out with their ministry and basically help them feed the homeless that night in Vancouver. We were separated into several teams: 4 painted, 2 mowed the lawn, 2 weed-whacked, some pulled weeds, three cut up onions, three washed out their food van (boy, that was a messy and smelly job), some sorted out old clothes for handing out to the homeless that night, some built shelves, some cleaned out their storeroom, and of course, some cooked the dinner and made sandwiches for the homeless, something for everyone. It was interesting and good for us to serve God physically doing manual labor. We then ate some of the food we prepared, it was a simple meal of chili soup and tuna salad sandwiches, to us, not very satisfying, but to the homeless, the only meal that day. We then drove to downtown Vancouver and met to pray and then met the homeless in an empty parking lot. There were about 200 people there, waiting for food and clothes and groceries. We sang, served food and gave out clothes and groceries, and talked to whoever was willing to talk. One young man was a successful telemarketer, but because of drug addiction, lost his job, home and was now trying to get back on his feet. He has now been drug free for several months, and grown to appreciate his fellow homeless and wanted to stay and help those around him so he is struggling with what he should do. Several Vision folks prayed with him. Another insisted vehemently about the hypocrisy in the church as his reason for rejecting Christ, and there was no way to get him to listen. How often we shut God out for the wrong reasons.

We found out that this ministry owes property tax of $4000 (Canadian) at the end of June. We talked to Dave, the leader and asked how much he had raised. He said $1500 and was trusting God for the remainder. He has a vision of expanding this ministry to feeding the homeless everyday (instead of once a week as he is doing now), and Dave admitted his need of getting a good business manager to help him in administration. We felt badly for him, and as we did in Cambodia last year, took a free will offering from among our kids. Praise God, we collected $1000 (U.S. which is about $1350 Canadian) which we will give to him. (This money is from the Vision members and not money which you gave to support us). We thank God we can share in others‚ ministry as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Tuesday, June 22
After meeting for worship and devotion, we left at 11 AM for Willingdon Church, where the Lighthouse Ministry is doing a fund-raiser for among senior adults to support their work of working with seamen on boats. Vision was invited for lunch and asked to sing. There were about 200 some guests there, not including us. We sang and heard about the Lighthouse work. An old gentleman asked for a tape of our Alleluia, to give to his 21 year old son doing youth ministry to inspire them to sing similar songs for God. We then drove to Mountain Institute, a prison at Agassiz,, about 20 miles further than Chilliwack, out first prison. We arrived about 4 PM, so we visited Bridal Falls, a 15 minute walk from the highway exit we need to take and saw a marvelous waterfall, pristine in its beauty and shimmering in the sunlight. We ate our sandwiches by the falls and praised God for his amazing creation. Then we split into two groups. Since we only had ten singers older than 18, Joseph and Pastor Tom led this group into the prison. Even though Wayne forgot his ID, God was gracious to allow him to go in with the others and they sang and ministered to a dozen inmates, all Christians. They had a good time, with Jeff giving his testimony. The rest of us drove to Harrison Lake, about 6 Km east of the prison to enjoy the scenery and pray for the prison team. We sang along the shore of the lake and prayed for about half an hour, singing to God alone. Three of the guys went swimming in the freezing water (but no one got sick yet from that experience) while the rest of us enjoyed the scenery and walk. We then met the prison team at about 8 PM after they left the prison and drove back to our hosts homes. Thank God for a hard day, but it was good.

Wednesday, June 25
We set up a new ministry opportunity when we sang at the Lighthouse fundraiser to actually go and minister to the seamen today. After group devotions, we packed up our left over dinner from the night before and headed out to North Vancouver where the headquarters for Lighthouse is located. There we met up with Paul, a full time chaplain and William, their fulltime Chinese chaplain. There we split into two teams, a Mandarin speaking team that will go on a Chinese boat and an English speaking team to go on a Filipino boat. Pastor Tom went with William to go on the Chinese boat. There we sang and talked to the senior staff on the boat (the boats have a full crew of twenty something with a little less than half being officers). The Chinese captain was very kind to us, and even served us coke from China, which I am told tasted awful, but the thought was there. We were then given a tour of the boat and returned to the Lighthouse Centre about 2 PM where we ate our lunch.

Marshall went with Paul and the non-Mandarin speaking team to the Filipino boat. There we also sang (by coincidence, we sang the same songs) but Nehemiah also gave his testimony in Filipino to about a dozen officers and crewmembers. Paul then gave a short salvation message. Nehemiah said he was amazed that he could remember some of the words he used; we think the Holy Spirit gave him special language skills just to talk to these sailors. We then talked to the sailors individually. One prayed with Tina to accept Christ even though it seemed he was already a Christian. The Captain said he was Catholic, and was very kind to us. He not only served us Canadian Coke, but sandwiches too, spam and lettuce and cucumber. It tasted quite good. The Filipino Captain gave us a large offering for Vision’s ministry and then also collected an offering from the sailors for us and another offering for the Lighthouse ministry. This is grace, getting what we really do not deserve, in food and also money. John and Debbie talked to a couple of sailors who were having problems with the concept of a Triune God and understanding how Jesus can be God‚s son and Father in one God. We left him some literature and prayed for further understanding. We were then given a tour too, spending time in the engine room as well as the helm. We then returned to meet the other team and eat some more.

About 3 PM, we left for Granville Island where we were given permission to use their stage area to sing to the shoppers and visitors. Granville Island is like Ports of Call in San Pedro, and Old Town Pasadena rolled together. We had stage time from 4 to 5 PM. We would sing for ten or fifteen minutes and then break off to talk to the listeners, then sing some more and repeat the process. Altogether, we sang three times. There were a handful of VCBC church members and a few Canadian visitors there to listen to us. Many thanked us for singing, but the crowd was not all that great. We then returned to the Young’s for a dinner of Won Ton and Fried dumplings. A lady who is a member of VCBC makes these for a living but donated 400 of them for us. After dinner, we spent over an hour praying and worshipping, the Spirit of the Lord was with us and many tears were shed. We then practiced a bit before returning home to wash clothes and get ready for Thursday’s activities.

Thursday, June 26
After group worship and devotion and lunch, we headed to Holy Family Hospital, a Catholic hospital for the elderly. A large crowd of the elderly (about 40) and some many of the staff helping them were there. We sang, did the chair skit from the past, Alex and Echo each gave their testimonies, sharing about their respective grandfathers and how God was working in each of their lives. Pastor Tom also spoke for about 15 minutes and then we spent a few minutes talking to the elderly individually. As we prepared to leave to go to the prison in Mission (Ferndale Prison, a minimum security prison), we found John’s car had a bad flat tire. So we spit up into the two teams (older prison team) to leave first so they would have time to eat before the prison while the younger team stayed behind to replace the tire and leave later.

We met at the Westminster Abbey, a Catholic Monastery in Mission, and a few minutes from the Ferndale Institute. By the time the younger team got there, John had plenty of time to eat so he went to the prison to speak instead of Pastor Tom. There were about a dozen inmates there but by the end of the program, about 20 showed up. After John spoke, one man prayed to receive Christ while about 8 rededicated themselves to follow Christ. There was the usually sharing afterwards. One man’s tale was inspiring. He had committed a crime in Canada, but escaped to the Caribbean. After finding Christ, gotten married and had a child, he decided to return to Canada to face the music, and in a couple of years, he should be freed to return, a free and family man. God can change lives.

Meanwhile, the younger team enjoyed the grounds of the monastery. We sang by the lake, then joined the monks in their evening prayer service at their magnificent sanctuary, a beautiful building with wonderful stained glass windows. For many of us, it was an interesting experience of listening to the monks chant prayers, listen to a reading from St. Augustine‚s sermons, and observe their mode and style of worship. We then drove back home for sleep and rest.

Sunday, June 29
We had to get up early today to go to VCBC and practice with the VCBC English choir so last night was a short night and most of us were quite sleepy, but today is a special Sunday for VCBC. First, we were there and were to sing “Fairest Lord Jesus” as a call to worship and “Majesty and Glory”, Beethoven’s “Hallelujah from the Mount of Olives”, Handel’s “Hallelujah, Amen!” and “God Is So Good”. Second, VCBC had the ministry group of 24 from the Southern Baptist churches called World Changers there. They are here to do some construction projects in Vancouver, including fixing up a guesthouse at the Sikh Temple as a means of outreach to the Sikh‚’s, and help build some displays along Fraser Ave. for the merchants in the area. So after service, they had a special b-b-q lunch for all of us. Since I conducted the joint choirs last Sunday, I gave the honor of conducting this Sunday to Danita, the VCBC choir director for the first three songs, and Joseph Hsuing conducted the last two songs. It was wonderful having over 40 voices sing these magnificent pieces of music in worship and praise to God.

After lunch, we met up with William, the Chinese Pastor from Lighthouse and he brought us down to the Surrey Docks. We did not have any appointments as we went down, but we went by faith, praying God would open the doors to some boats there. When we arrived at the Lighthouse Centre, William got on the phone and said there was one boat three and he would drive down and check with the Captain. That meant half the group might go. When he returned, he said he found another boat, so all of us could get on the ship. We broke up into two teams and went on board, sang and toured the boats (another Filipino boat and one from Miramar). We were asked to sing “Happy Birthday” to one of the crewman, and planted some seeds but no one prayed to accept Christ.

We then returned to the Young’s where we met all the hosts and had a wonderful potluck supper. We were able to thank all the hosts at once and express our appreciation for what they are doing for us. May God bless them for their hospitality.

Monday, June 30
Wow, we have been here over a week already. We thank God that He has done so much and showed us so much in the time we have been here. After getting together for worship and devotions, we took a quick survey to find out that everyone is reasonably healthy. James has his stitches, Debbie and Gloria have slight colds, but everyone else seems to be pretty good, so this is the healthiest we have been for the last several tours.

Right after lunch, we headed for the Salvation Army Nursing Home in Vancouver. This turned out to be a beautiful place with nice apartments for the seniors. We met one lady who was 101 and in quite good health and several in their nineties. We sang to 40 or more seniors, did the Dear Mr. President and The Chair skits, and Stephanie Huang and Joshua shared their testimonies. We ended the program singing the Canadian National Anthem, which many of the seniors said was the best rendition they have heard. The nursing home treated us to Okanagan Apple juice and BC Cranberry juice and Butter Tarts, a Canadian specialty, delicious raisin tarts sort of like the Pecan tarts one gets in the South US. We returned to the Young’s‚ and after a quick dinner, headed off to the Union Rescue Mission in Vancouver. This turned out to be a well-kept building with a chapel seating of over 100 and dinning facility for about the same number. We sang two quick programs of 30 minutes each at 7 PM, after which the audience got fed, and at 7:35 PM. Kendrick shared his testimony in the first service and Debbie shared hers in the second. Pastor Tom spoke about 7 minutes each time but he was extremely effective in the few minutes he had. Eight people raised their hands to accept Christ at the first service and four did the same at the second service. We also met some members of the Ebenezer Baptist Church on Fraser St. who had come to present their program at the rescue mission. But they graciously prayed for us and stayed to listen to us when they found out we were there from California. They are members of the Northern Baptist denomination, but they also were entertaining the World Challengers (whom we met on Sunday at VCBC). We felt very privileged to meet such gracious brothers and sisters in Christ, willing to give up what they practiced and worked for out sake. Their prayers no doubt played a big part in the good response we received tonight even though we only had 30 minutes to sing, testify and preach a message. God does not need hours for His Holy Spirit to work and convict hearts. We then returned home early to rest up.

Tuesday, July 1, Canada Day
Today is Canada’s 136th anniversary. We are invited by the Brentwood Alliance Church to join in their celebration of this holiday. The Brentwood church is doing a carnival on their property as a means of attracting their non-church neighbors to come to church, to introduce them to church in a non-threatening manner (much like the Glendale picnics and the Arcadia Tea). So after group worship and devotion, we ate an early lunch and headed out to North Burnaby where the church is located, arriving about 2 PM. They had balloon bounces, miniature gold, all kinds of children’s games as well as snow cones, popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy and all kinds of goodies. A band played from 2 to 3 PM. Then they raffled off some prizes donated by the nearby merchants, and we sang “O Canada” their national anthem and for another 30 minutes or so while they cut and served the cake. Most of the Vision kids ended up with washable tattoos of the Canadian maple leaf or flag and various souvenirs. Some of the group then met with their hosts of family friends for dinner, since this is the lightest day of our tour. A small remnant of us returned to the Young‚s for dinner and an early night. Since they were still not feeling well, Debbie and Alex stayed home to rest up and did not join us in our singing and Canada Day celebration.

Tuesday, July 2
We had to leave early today to go to Regent College to attend and participate at their morning chapel service, so we did not have time to do our group devotion in the morning. We drove separately to Regent, located adjacent to the University of British Columbia campus, a beautiful drive bordered by forest and trees. Dr. James Houston started regent 30 years and we were fortunate to hear him preach at the service and hear scripture read by his wife with a marvelous Scottish accent. We opened the service with the Ralph Manuel “Alleluia”, and then led the congregation in singing the hymn, “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind”. Houston spoke about the essentials of worship, how we need to focus on the cosmic God and not so much on ourselves and mentioned a meeting where he counted 45 “I’s” or “me‚’s” sung and not a we (I think it was the last FECA spiritual formation retreat he was referring to). We ended the service with Handel’s “Hallelujah, Amen!” The chapel was quite packed and we enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere of singing on a God-centered campus.

After a picnic lunch on campus, we drove to the Marpole Place for Seniors and sang an hour program to about 20 senior citizens, including a lot of Chinese (Cantonese) elderly. Grace and Wellman gave good testimonies and we did our usually program with no preaching from Pastor Tom. We had a good time talking to the folks both before and after the meeting. We then drove a short distance to VCBC where we had our group devotion for the day. We then left early so each household could take their host family out to dinner as our thanks for their hospitality.

Thursday, July 3
Today is our last day in Vancouver. We met for group devotions at the Young’s and ate a quick lunch to go and sing our last concert. But on the way there, we stopped at the dumpling store of the lady who donated 400 dumplings and won ton for our dinner last week. She was overwhelmed by our presence as we sang “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” to her. After this one song, we then went to the Senior Wellness Center which met at the same place we sang last Friday, but this was a different program run by a different organization. This time, they cautioned us not to get too “religious” so we tried to keep our program light, but even Joseph’s testimony about what we did on tour bothered the people who ran the program. However, Henry said as long as the Marpole Place for Seniors (July 2) was OK, these people would be OK too, even though they were not too happy with us then. One of our vans was accidentally locked with the keys in there, but the CAA showed up to unlock the car by the time we were ready to leave. We then drove by Jack Young’s clinic for him to debrief a few people in Vision who took some hearing and vision tests from him. We then headed back to Seattle. Because we took the truck crossing instead of the Peace Arch, we were able to get through the border in only 20 minutes instead of the reported 90 minutes at the regular crossing.

We arrived in Seattle at about 6 PM. Since it is Debbie Lock‚s birthday and she and her parents wanted to invite the team to celebrate her birthday, we all ate at an all-you-can ˆeat Chinese buffet. After a long dinner and cake, we went to our new Seattle hosts home for a good sleep. At this point in our travel, most of those who were sick and stayed home for a day or so are reasonably healthy. Only Thomas, Kendrick, and Gloria are a little sick. James had his stitches taken out a couple of days ago and looks to be healing well.

Friday, July 4
We met at 10 Am at Hope Central, a faith based ministry working with Operation Nightwatch (for the homeless). Hope Central runs a children’s ministry and day care program. We got there at ten in the morning to help clean up the homeless shelter, buy and cook lunch for the 30-40 kids who were there for Hope Central, played with them, fed them and sang a short program for them. Then some of the Vision guys lighted fireworks which the children enjoyed. We left at 3 PM to drive to a park close to Pastor Sam’s home. Sam is the English pastor at ECC where we will sing on Sunday. We played softball and basketball and soccer with the high schoolers and college students from ECC and had a B-B-Q dinner at Pastor Sam’s. Because debriefing is early on Saturday, we returned to our hosts to get some sleep before a long day of debriefing and concert tomorrow. Since the sun sets almost at 10 PM, it will be quite a while before it gets dark enough to see any fireworks here, unlike LA, but we had a mini-fireworks show already earlier at Hope Central.

Saturday, July 5
We all went to Pastor Tom's cousin's home and spent the whole day debriefing, sharing lessons of what God has taught us on this trip and what we want to bring back to LA. We started at 8:30 in the morning and got through a little before 4 PM. Many tears were shed as we realized how much God has blessed us and how much we need Him. Some of these sharing will be sent in the final report. At 4 PM, we all drove to the condo of Pastor Tom's sister and brother-in-law. Although three different doctors said he would not survive through last weekend, he is actually feeling stronger this week and Pastor Tom had a chance to visit him and we went to his place to sing a couple of songs to him. Then we headed to Lake East Chinese Church for our evening concert. We showed up a few minutes after 4:30 to find all their choir waiting for us. We practiced "Majesty and Glory" together and then shared about the music ministry and vision we have in Vision. After dinner, we sang to about 50 people, including long time former FEC members David and You Huei Ni and their sons, Alex and Brian and Larry and Grace Li. The concert went beautifully with Vision and the joint choirs singing their hearts out. Pastor Tom gave the message and 7 people total responded with decisions to live lives of eternal significance. Before we left, Larry and Grace invited us over to their place on Mercer Island for lunch tomorrow after service at ECC. We then returned home for rest since we have to meet at ECC at 9 AM tomorrow all packed and ready to leave. The LA return team will be leaving directly to the airport and missing the last performance at ECC on Sunday.

Sunday, July 6
Seven of us, all basses and tenors, left to return to LAX on the 10 AM flight since the long July 4th weekend had prevented those who were not sure about their travel plans earlier from finding seats on the later flights. This left us with only 18 singers , basses and 5 tenors (2 with bad throats) but we sang a full 30 minute program at the English service at ECC with Pastor Tom speaking for another 20 minutes. Tina gave her testimony and we presented the Dear Mr. President skit, a skit about how we pray. Tom met so many friends at the church he used to attend it was difficult to tear him away, but we eventually left for Larry Li’s for lunch. The Ni’s also joined us for lunch and Marshall and Meiring had a good time remembering the early days of FEC with these old members.

We left at 3 PM to return to the airport, return the vans and checked in with no major problems, the only issue was Tina having bought the ticket in her nickname and her passport and all her ID’s had her Chinese name, but the agent was very helpful and got her through security. We were met at Burbank by most of the team that left early that morning along with many of the parents of the arriving group. As in past tours, we have seen God working in marvelous ways. He pours out His special grace on us to enable us to do things we never thought possible. Thank you all for your prayer support.

Here are just some of the comments from the debriefing:

  • Two people ( a homeless and a prisoner) told me I should be a full time minister. I thought this year would be the easiest but it turned out to be the hardest.
  • When I got sick, God taught me a lesson. Got me thinking that I couldn’t do anything. I wasn’t happy that I had to stay back. I was thinking that I got to get my mind set right. God is in control not me. Do whatever I can do and let God do the rest. Being on tour, it took me out of my comfort zone.
  • Close to home, and a beautiful city. Hard to keep focus. Great ministering to the prisoners (most enjoyable of the time) my favorite because I felt that they wanted us to be there. Learned a lot about myself, more than he dreamed of (or thought). One thing I learned was I was living under a false image of my God, living under that false image for 4 years!
  • One thing I learned the most was forgiveness. Being a leader, you have to forgive people and to ask for forgiveness. You’re going to be in a group with people you don’t like, or vice versa, I have to ask for forgiveness and forgive them.
  • This tour showed me how much I loved living a missionary’s life. And I love serving all of you and it also showed me that I loved serving people through worship and music. I think that is what God is giving me (musical abilities).
  • Before tour, I was ok spiritually but the night before I had to leave I had a lot of problems with family and friends. God taught me a lot through tour, especially through the circumstance and problems. It has been hard but I have been focusing on serving others and showing God’s love and I felt that was more important than my problems. I went through these circumstances so God could teach me a lesson. I learned a lot on tour than I had on any other mission.
  • I don’t feel like I spent enough time with everyone but it’s good to realize that he will teach me in other ways. What I also learned was how praiseworthy God is. “God is so awesome” Showed me that God is most worthy of our praise even when we are distracted or upset.